"The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow." - Rupert Murdoch

Platform Overview

Simply put, Realcore is a cloud-based software platform to manage your brokerage business; and it is the most robust there is. The role-based platform consists of several modules, including:

Management - This module enables a manager to monitor the production of their entire firm from one central location. With a real-time P&L, a manager can look and see exactly where the firm stands at any given moment in time.

Pipeline - This module enables a broker to manage and analyze their practice. Using the pipeline tab, brokers can estimate future income, visualize who their largest clients are, and make future plans based on this data.

Accounting - This module enables accountants or controllers to close transactions, manage billing, track outstanding balances, and calculate payments to brokers. Almost all of this information can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further data manipulation if necessary.

Market - This module organizes and manages the firm's market information. Through effective information sharing, brokers will be able to harness the collective knowledge of the firm in future business pitches and deal negotiations.

Resources - This module enables all users to access firm documents from one central location. Gone are the days of riffling through folders and inboxes for form letters and marketing pages. Now, it's all accessible with the click of a button.

Clients - This module stores and organizes all client data for easy access. This module also displays prospect and listing data as well as important dates and reminders.

Administration - This module enables a manager or administrator to control the settings for their entire firm. Changes made in the administration page affect other sections of the site, such as the Market page and Pipeline pages.

Realcore can also become a powerful tool in business pitches. Realcore has successfully won over 3 million SF of Class A office space for one firm alone. They beat out several national companies in a heads up match for the premier new building project in the NC Triangle market. When asked about it later, our customers said, "the clients liked our pitch, they knew that we were driven, and they knew that we could get the job done. Most of all, they appreciated Realcore's landlord portal and market page, which they could access at any time to check in on progress and market intelligence.

What Realcore Can Do For Your Firm

Important Date & Follow Up Reminder Notifications

Realcore integrates with Outlook to provide calendar reminders for critical transaction dates and other communications.

Have you ever missed out on a renewal? Never miss another important date with Realcore's notifications and reminders!


Realcore tracks prospects with information and timely reminders to turn your prospects into clients fast.

If you're great at prospecting, but forget to follow up, this tool is perfect for you! Communicate with your prospects, and turn them into loyal clients.

Reporting Information

Realcore provides numerous reporting tools that display everything about your practice, visually and practically.

Are you a visual person? Do you prefer color-coded graphs? See your past, present, and future with Realcore's top-of-the-line reporting tools.

Why Do You Need Realcore?

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