Many clients have shared that Realcore Applications was a compelling differentiator in our pitch and undoubtedly played a role in their selection of our firm.

- Doug Cook

Realcore has allowed our team to have a view of our pipeline like we have never had before. By making the process to add and update transactions easy, the Realcore team showed they understood how to make the their tool work for brokers, not just management. The Realcore team has a deep understanding of how the brokerage industry works, which sets them apart.

- Eric Termansen

Realcore Applications has really helped us change our processes making all of our Stirling Properties offices more efficient and effective for each and every one of our agents and clients.

- Chris Abadie

Realcore has been instrumental in organizing & streamlining our information and processes throughout our 6 commercial offices. Their understanding of the business and superior support staff make the platform more than just another data management program.

- Karl Landreneau

We have been very pleased with Realcore and its ability to allows agents to work at maximum efficiency. Whether it’s pipelining deals, adding listings, gathering & storing client and deal data or invoice and commissions tracking, it is simple and effective. Moreover, it is the easiest tool I have used over my career.

- Jennifer Mace

The more I have been using Realcore, the more I am realizing how important it is to managing our transactions, goals and firm. As the brokers continue to use it, it is helping them in organizing their deal flow and team collaboration. Great tool for any brokerage that knows the importance of having all of the transaction data in one place.

- Jon Rosenberg

In 2016, Realcore imported 15 years of transactions, properties and contacts into their system, including a substantial number of deals with future invoices. Any migration of that magnitude will have some snags, but overall it went great and we didn’t lose any information. Moreover, I have been very impressed with the responsiveness and availability of the Realcore team throughout the years. They are first class.

- Shannon Smith

We've been using Realcore for a year now and are really starting to see the value of never missing important terms in a lease. From renewals to expansion options, staying on top of my clients' important dates means they don't have to. I continue to add value long after a lease is signed, continuing to solidify relationships I have worked hard to build.

- Robin Anders

Realcore enables independent, boutique companies like York Properties to provide the same level of services, for example information sharing and retention as well as client organization, as any of the large international commercial real estate companies such as CBRE, JLL.

- John Kerr

Working with Dave and Heather has been wonderful. I can’t recall a time where one of them hasn’t been available to assist us. The fact that Dave and Heather genuinely care to make sure we are taken care of and happy with our service says a lot about the company. They always make a point to let us know we are important, and they continually work to understand any input we may have. To have a company like Realcore that works so closely with their client’s needs is critical to the success of a fast-paced industry like ours.

- Bree Wells

The features that Realcore provides has greatly increased our team’s productivity in the last year. The ability to project income and manage transactions has been extremely helpful in planning for the time ahead. Realcore has become an instrumental tool in forecasting our team’s future, as well as the present.

- Dex Shill

Realcore has been a fantastic tool for me in my career. It is not only a part of my daily function but is also used for long term perspective. The ability to control and manipulate data into formats that are easily digested allows for quick complementation and creation of actionable items. Realcore improves my efforts in efficiency, organization, and thus quality of work.

- Thomas Bryan