Client Portals

Do you use technology
to create client dependency
on your services?

Technology & Data Management

Can key individuals
access client, corporate
and market information?


Is your firm
reaching its revenue
goals for the year?


  • Leverage new accounts, promote operational efficiency and generate client dependencies
  • Access a real-time financial dashboard, reports, and key metrics for business planning and success
  • Store all important client documents in the cloud for easy access at any time
  • Collaborate with accounting on payment information
  • Access research data from anywhere, even on the go


  • Forecast firm production, expenses and profit
  • Reduce operational expenses by eliminating redundancy in the office
  • Access the pipeline for the entire firm, in real-time
  • Develop a comprehensive financial plan using real-time reports, valuable firm metrics, and relevant data
  • Gain perspective on firm production, with information at both the single office and regional management level


  • Streamline operations with advanced transaction accounting modules
  • Ensure privacy among brokers, clients and administrators through roles
  • Track deductions at the deal, company, and broker level
  • Access accounts payable, invoicing information that is as secure as online banking
  • Provide actual and estimated pay information to the entire production team

What are people saying?

The results are in...

We've been using Realcore for a year now and are really starting to see the value of never missing important terms in a lease. From renewals to expansion options, staying on top of my clients' important dates means they don't have to. I continue to add value long after a lease is signed, continuing to solidify relationships I have worked hard to build.

Robin Anders
Broker, NAI Carolantic

Realcore has allowed our management team and brokers to have a view of our pipeline like we’ve never had before. By making the process to add and update transactions easy, Realcore’s team showed they understood how to make the their tool work for brokers, not just management. The Realcore teams deep understanding of how the brokerage industry works, sets them apart from the competition.

Eric Termansen
Founding Partner, Western Retail Advisors


  • 1.
    Eliminate Redundancy in your Organization

    Closing out commercial real estate transactions requires the input of an immense amount of data. Why do most firms put all that valuable data in a silo and rarely, if ever, make it available to team members who can further capitalize on it? Realcore eliminates redundancy in the office by ensuring that you only have to enter the data once.

  • 2.
    With a Higher Level of Client Service Comes a Greater Dependency on your Services

    Our client portals allow brokers to manage their clients' data and share information in real-time. This is a higher level of service than most brokers provide and the additional value to the client generates a new dependency on that service provider. Clients will become increasingly discerning over the value their service providers bring – and having service professionals manage their data for them will be a compelling differentiator.

  • 3.
    Firm and Producer Analytics

    Realcore helps brokers and managers determine their performance in real-time, as well as forecast production. With these tools,brokers and managers may to make more informed decisions about where to invest their time and money. With the push of a button, managers have access to a real-time P/L statement, broker production graphs, and other charts to see who their top performers are, and which relationships are most important to the firm.

  • 4.
    Organizational Efficiency

    Realcore tracks the firm's market data and internal resources. The system is "archive-able" and becomes a rich source of information over time. In addition, Realcore stores all electronic files, such as listing agreements, lease agreements, form letters, and other important company documents securely in the cloud, yet easily accessible by users on the go.

  • 5.
    Flexible Accounting System

    Our accounting software tracks disbursements throughout the entire life of the transaction. It handles nearly all of the work that accountants perform today. Quite simply, it was built for the commercial real estate industry.

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